Why Twitter?

So at first I thought what’s the point? Is it really for me?

I could see tweets from people listing what they had for breakfast, lunch, dinner…
All very fascinating1

Then, last summer as we were visiting Quebec city, I got a bit more interested.Everybody was at it, it was super fast and the Dear One got hooked.

So, I thought why not?! fully intending to stay anonymous.A chance to express myself without anyone following me because of who I am or whatever they think of me.

Twitter, I find is an excellent discipline for my unrestrained mind.Communicating in less than 140 characters was a challenge to start with, rather like mental gymnastic.

It also brings you in contact with people you would not otherwise have encountered.An exciting exchange of knowledge, jokes, stories.

So , now here I am, tweeting most days, on and off, sometimes reacting to some nonsense I read, well I am fiery and passionate!

Yes, I like Twitter much more than I ever thought I would.


6 thoughts on “Why Twitter?

  1. I’m still very new to it – started it for promotional purposes really, but haven’t yet made up my mind whether I like it or not. For some people it seems it is almost like a stream of consiousness (I’m thinking of unfollowing a few because it’s just too much) but I do enjoy conversation and discussion on there.

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