Why I blog…

Blogging is very different from the writing I usually do.I end up talking about very personal events in my life which I hadn’t previously done.

For someone who was once rather timid, this has come as a surprise.Normally I hide behind a pseudonym which gives my imagination a free rein.

I am very passionate and reactive and therefore tend to jump at the deep end.

Writing a blog, I find is an excellent way to ley out the torrent of thoughts and ideas raging in my head.

It is very liberating.I choose to write about anything I like and I haven’t got any deadlines to meet or an editor to please.

So, here I am, sometimes writing about highly personal events in my life, sometimes reacting to news or anecdotes and often expressing my love to my Dear Ones.

I’m very opiniated, that’s the way I am.I make no apologies for it.I hope you’ll enjoy reading me, it’s always a pleasure reading your comments and getting to know new people.

Thank you for reading me,



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