So, what is so wrong with feminism?!

I am a feminist,to me,woman = feminist.

Feminism means different things to people.For me,it just means respecting women as much as men and thus giving women the same rights and opportunities as men.

There are some women out there giving the wrong idea about feminism
In all ways of life, you will find people with radical views.

You can not discriminate against all feminists ,just because there are a few rogue ones.

So yes, I’m a woman and a feminist and I’m proud of it.

And no, feminists do not hate men, only a few do and I wouldn’t like to associate myself with them.

So tell me, what is so wrong about feminism?!
Surely if you’re a woman, you will want to have the same rights and opportunities as men!

Do you not want to be able to make decisions for yourself ?!
Or do you want to go back to the good old days when women had no rights!

PS For those who don’t know me,I’m also  proud Mummy and homeschool my two children while juggling my writing.I’m also very much in love ,definitely not a man-hater.
I also believe in making your own choices, not whatever is expected of you or what you think society expects you to do.


8 thoughts on “So, what is so wrong with feminism?!

  1. Unfortunately the meaning of the word, like that of so many other “ism”s has been hijacked by that minority…

    As you point out, feminism has nothing to do with man-hating. It has nothing to do with making everyone neuter.

    That, I think, is a large part of why alot of women deny they’re feminist but qualify what they believe in – not to play it safe, but to make sure their views are not misunderstood.

    That’s this man’s perspective on it. And I’m totally in favour of women and men having equal rights, including the right to be feminine and masculine respectively.

  2. Indeed!
    I’m also a feminist and proud of it!

    I agree with the comments too.

    You’re completely right, if you’re a woman you should also be a feminist!

  3. Ditto! We all want to be treated fair and with the same level of respect as our male counterparts. Nice post on a very thought provoking and timeless topic.
    Stopping by form MBC.

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