I knew you already

I knew you were there
Thought I was a bit mad
How could I possibly feel it ?
So soon, so early
This funny feeling
The elation when it was confirmed
The dreadful sickness straight away
The fear of losing you
This conviction I had
No matter what they said
I knew I had to hold on
Never give up
We were going to be alright
The doctors were wrong
It was a tough ride
The first kicks you gave me
The reassurance they brought
That scary night you came into this world
So many people panicking
This strange feeling
As if I was looking down on me
And finally they let me hold you
Ten fingers, ten toes
I recognised you
Your name suited you
The one that came to me early on
You latched on, such an odd feeling
My beautiful daughter
I loved you so much already.


6 thoughts on “I knew you already

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