Motherhood, a form of oppression ?!

This is an article about E. Badinter, whom I wrote about in a previous post.

Astonishing views,I’m still as outraged as the first time I heard her on the news!

Following is the link to the post I wrote in reaction to the nonsense I heard.

Comments and reactions very welcome!

5 thoughts on “Motherhood, a form of oppression ?!

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  2. I read the views of Badinter, and I’m not sure what is so astonishing or shocking about what she says. I think there is a very unhealthy “worship” of motherhood in the US (not sure what it is like in France) that is as much about marketing as it is about environmentalism or child welfare.

    Most of the “shocking-ness” of what Badinter says is actually what Badinter doesn’t say, and what others put in her mouth (the part about sending your children to boarding school, for example, does not seem to have come from Badinter herself but from the author of the article).

    And Badinter isn’t criticizing children in calling them “unintentional tyrants;” she is only pointing out the obvious, which is that children will take 100% of your time and energy if you let them — but that doesn’t mean you should let them. I myself try to remind myself on a regular basis that a “happy mommy makes for a happy child” — so if giving up all of your own activities and friends and spending all of your time makes you happy, more power to you, but if it makes you UNhappy, I think Badinter’s point is that you shouldn’t let it. You should take care of yourself, and your children will probably be fine.

    Unless the truly terrible parts of what Badinter says are not translated, I missed what she said that was so terrible. She has not written a screed which demands that you neglect your children; only that you put yourself first, so as not to lose yourself.

  3. Thank you for these posts,i have been following this debate myself.So scary to read some reactions,people jumping on the bandwagon,not having a clue.
    I ‘ve also read the book like you,rare to see so much rubbish.It is only when you read it that you begin to understand how far this woman goes.
    at first I thought her ideas had been caricatured.
    I’m at a loss to understand her arguments.
    Yes,there is too much pressure on mothers but like you said, it is up to us to make our own choices.
    I’d like to add you to my contacts,I’m working on a
    project that might interest you.

    Another,not so perfect mum.
    Best wishes,Tracey

  4. I guess I need to read her book! But I don’t want to buy it, so I’ll have to see if I can find it at my local library…

    I think we agree that no one should tell mothers how to be. But still, it is hard to deny that there is a lot of pressure on mothers these days to be a very particular *kind* of mother, and that is what I object to, and I wonder if Badinter isn’t, too.

    But I will reserve the rest of my comments for after I have read her text!

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