The expat child,or is the grass really greener…

I never really felt like I belonged anywhere as a child but I sure learned a lot from different cultures to foreign languages.

I was still a teenager when my parents died. I had pretty much educated myself until then and after completing a degree in America, I decided to go “home”. I married and very soon I became a very proud mum.
I tried hard, when my daughter was a toddler, pushed myself to go to the various playgroups, in spite of my shyness. Although, funnily enough, with motherhood came a new found self-confidence.
For a few years, I resisted travelling abroad and kidded myself that I had done it all, and there was no need to revisit. Of course, it soon started eating at me and so our first family holiday was booked.
As soon as we got to France, the memories and my french ,which I feared would be rusty to say the least, came flooding back as well as the way of life and the little peculiarities of the French.
Perhaps,like my parents, I’ve been looking for the dream place too.
All the countries I have lived in have their good and bad points, none has it all.
What I do know is, it doesn’t matter so much where you live but more the people you live with and the love you share.
I’m still feeling bohemian,I suppose but I also need that haven where I feel safe and loved and right now,I’ve finally found that perfect balance.

2 thoughts on “The expat child,or is the grass really greener…

  1. I too have been searching. Searching for perfection in life and love. It’s been a long journey. I have only lived in three countries, the UK where I loved and lost many times, and eventually found love that took me away from security to NZ; Denmark where I loved and lost; and finally, New Zealand for almost ten years now, where I have loved, lost and re-discovered love all since becoming 40, plus I will soon enjoy another dimension to my life as I enter fatherhood.

    The quest for children with my previous partner was a torment for both of us that destroyed whatever we had – several long, agonising years of IVF, donor eggs, surrogacy and adoption only to fail and drive us apart.

    Do children ground you? I hope so, because my search for a purpose in life, is what has been missing for so long.

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