confessions of a secret perfectionist

I hate to say it but I’m a perfectionist.I’ve never openly admitted to this before and used to get quite upset when anybody told me so.Usually,I’d be in the middle of something,someone would say “oh,that’s really good” and I’ d be exasperated,thinking it’ s nowhere near as good as I wanted or imagined it to be.

Being a perfectionist as well as having a rambling imagination,has long been a curse for me.I always get new ideas as I get along,I can never do anything by the book and I really struggle with knowing when to stop.

Trouble is,there are so many things and activities I want to pursue and yet never enough time.I have procrastinated in the past,waiting for it to be right or to be finished to my standards.

I’ve learned to accept that sometimes,it’s better to get on with it and do the best you can within your time frame.Better than not achieving anything.

Yes,I know it took me long enough to get to this conclusion.

The Dear One is also a perfectionist.You might think this could be a lethal combination but actually it has helped me understanding myself better,to see someone dealing with the same problem but more rationally.Perhaps also to see ,it’s not such bad trait once you ‘ve come to accept it.

Like him,I have now got to the stage where I can see for myself that what I do is not so bad and I can be happy with it.I’m accepting praise more easily as well and believe more in myself,probably an old chestnut from my childhood when nothing I ever did was considered good enough or merited any attention.


One thought on “confessions of a secret perfectionist

  1. I’m one of many who think what you do is fantastic !
    I guess a true artist is always pushing him/herself a little further.
    Love reading you !

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