organic and humanistic views on homeschooling

As I finished writing my last post,many more thoughts came to me and I just had to keep on writing.Of course,there is so much I could say,I could go on for hours!
In my mind,there is no “fit-all” answer to education.I’m not anti-school in principle,it’s just that it doesn’t suit us.
I’ve never being comfortable with institutions in general.I don’t like being told what to do!
I’m an autodidact and have always been very independent.My children,too,are very individualistic.I encourage this.Too often,people are taught there is a right and wrong way of doing things when there might just be many more.I want my children to think for themselves rather than being brainwashed.
I do not tell them what to think or believe,rather we talk about issues and discuss them.
My role is to give them moral guidance and to expose them  to the many cultures in this world.
I do,of course,insist on core values such as politeness and kindness which seem to be engrained in them anyway.
I suppose ,I’m quite organic in my approach.I love to nurture and watch my two lovely children grow into confident,happy human beings.I believe in human nature rather than Gods although I respect anybody’s beliefs.
Early on,they both showed a marked preference towards children older than them.As very young babies,I could see the way they looked at people,trying to figure out how to do things.They can be incredibly frustrated at their limits,not always easy to handle.A lot of patience is required.
When I took the decision to home-ed,I worried about my tolerance levels,but you do adapt.Whereas I’m incredibly impatient with myself,I will for the most keep my cool with the children,nobody’s prefect!
My friends think I’m incredibly brave for taking on this role,some, probably, secretly think I’m mad.

What is paramount to me is to help them exploit their full potential and  learn to their abilities.Children shouldn’t be trained to merely pass exams.
Yes,I’m immensely proud of my children,not simply because of their abilities but for being who they are.


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