homeschooling,a momentous decision

Truthfully I had mixed feelings about sending my first-born to school.One,it was hard to contemplate being parted from her at such a young age but also I was unhappy with a limited curriculum which focuses mostly on numeracy and litteracy,leaving little room for other disciplines.
My daughter did however start school.I’m generally open-minded and I’m always happy to try things out.
Unfortunately,problems soon started to arise.Her teacher often scolded her for asking too many questions.I was then told that they had to stall her because she was much more advanced than her little friends.
I had previously spent a long time looking into alternative ways to educate my children and came to the conclusion home-education would be the best way forward.
Homeschooling gives us a lot of flexibilty.I have time with my kids.I can give them my full attention and not rush them to be out the door every morning.
On a nice day we can take a breather and do something different.We can also go away as we please and we do travel a fair bit.
Education is a constant,valuable lessons can be learned throughout the day,everyday!
Home-education is not an easy choice and is a huge responsability.
You don’t get a break and you can’t just do it when it suits you.It is one hell of a commitment and a huge amount of work and preparation is needed.Somedays ,it can be overwhelming.
Mostly it is a joy,as when  you see the light bulb flicking over their heads as they grasp a particular concept.We also do a lot of fun activities and have undertaken many projects.They are fluent in french and avid readers.Although there is a 5 year gap between them,they are very close.
People often comment how well-mannered and bright they are.In France,they are often mistaken for French children as they only have slight accents, my daughter especially is very convincing,with the appropriate intonation and better spelling than her French friends.
Happily, I’ve not encountered any negative comments about the choice we made,possibly because it is clear to see that my children are well-educated,well-balanced and happy.
Society makes our children grow up so fast,I wanted to let my children be children.

There are a lot of misconceptions about homeschooling.For me,it’s not about making a statement,it just what works for our children.It’s not about religion or any other beliefs,it’s about letting my children develop and learn at their own pace,in a warm and loving environment,giving them the freedom to find their talents and encouraging their individuality.

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