Mad or creative?

Like many,I’m always so busy.I homeschool,I write,I’m passionate,meaning there’s always something that drives me or compels to have a good rant(on paper).
I have 2 gorgeous,lovely,bright children who constantly require my attention.We also bake,cook,experiment..A lot of fun,but it can be totally exhausting.
When I go to bed,I still have so many ideas swirling in my head,I find it really hard to switch off.I lay there,dog-tired,wishing for sleep.This is when all my best ideas for stories,articles,books come to me as everybody is falling asleep and I’m finally alone.Nobody to interrupt my train of thought.
I’ve finally come to realise it is pointless to fight as I used to.It’s quite simple ,if I don’t unleash what’s in my head and write it down,I will not get to sleep.
Even the Dear One knows this,he can see when I’ve reached a certain level of unrest and simply places paper and pen in my hand.I was quite surprised the first time he did that,I was even more amazed to see all that came pouring out so quickly and furiously.
I hope as you’re reading this ,you don’t think that I’m completely mad.I’ve often doubted my own sanity.
My wonderful friend sent me an article once which she thought was quite appropriate.Its title,”you’re not mad,you’re creative”.


4 thoughts on “Mad or creative?

  1. yes, I know this one well. I have notebooks a-plenty by my bed, and an ‘ideas’ book I carry around in my handbag at all times!

    Definitely creative, not crazy!!!


  2. I’m exactly the same – it’s always just as I’m trying to get to sleep, or very early in the morning if I wake up. If you don’t write the ideas down and get them out of your head you never sleep, they just go round and round, sparking off new ones as they go. I keep a pen and paper by my bed just for the purpose.
    Some would say there’s a fine line between madness and creativity anyway!

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